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Self-appreciation and self-acceptance –
Loving yourself is one of the secrets of goal success

When you are moving with great energy towards achieving your goals, it is important to appreciate yourself for the big and little changes you’re making. There may be times when you feel like you’re falling short of your daily plan or even going backwards. You may find yourself criticizing your progress.

This is a time for self-appreciation and self-love, especially if you’ve had a tough day with some setbacks. You need to realize that there will be good days, OK days and plain old bad days! Imagine appreciating yourself for your commitment, your drive, your focus and patience, even if that day didn’t seem to give you the results you wanted. Self-criticism and judgment will not help you get what you want faster. Self-appreciation will.

22. Leave motivational messages on your phone machine: A fun way to give yourself support and keep up your motivation is to leave goals related messages on your voice mail—daily or at least weekly at the beginning of the week. For example you might want to leave a message on your machine saying: “I have completed the article today that I wanted to write to publicize my new book”.

You can also leave personal encouragement especially if you’re having a hard day. The message might be: “I really appreciate myself for all the effort and persistence I’ve been demonstrating this week to reach my goal of having a very successful book that is a best seller”.

23. Give yourself rewards: It is a good idea to give yourself small regular rewards for taking incremental steps towards achieving your goals. This is in addition to rewarding yourself in a bigger way when you reach your ultimate goal. For example, you could give yourself a dinner out and a movie for taking action on your high priority goal every day that week.

Be sure the reward is something that really motivates you to take action. For your grand “prize” when the goal is reached you might want to take a special vacation or buy yourself something you really want. Plan in advance what the reward will be, that way you will motivate yourself.

24. Give yourself positive feedback while looking in the mirror: Here’s a great technique that can help you overcome obstacles to reaching your goals as well as to help you feel better about yourself. Many well-known actors and other famous people use this technique daily. Look at yourself in the mirror in the morning with love, affirm how good you are and admire and appreciate your courageousness.

You will find that within a short time you feel better about yourself than you ever have before. You could say; “I love and appreciate myself for all the work I’ve done lately to reach my goal of (put your goal here), I’m a truly good, wonderful person aside from my accomplishments”. Remember, your words are powerful and have a very strong effect on you so make them positive!

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