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One secret of goal creation and achievement is found through working with intuition and hunches.







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Intuition and hunches: The magic of your unconscious

One secret of goal creation and achievement is found through working with intuition and hunches. When creating your goals, notice that “feeling in your gut” to determine how much energy you have for this potential goal. Are you energized and drawn toward it? If you consistently lack enthusiasm for the goal, it may not be the right one.

Intuition and hunches can often lead you to reach your goals in totally unexpected ways as well. If you get a little nudge to go to that meeting or take that action, pay attention. You may be getting a message from your subconscious that will help you get to where you want to go much faster and more smoothly than you could get there with lots of planning and pushing.

40. Look for unexpected opportunities: Be aware of unusual things that happen that could relate to your goals. Pay attention to seeming problems or crises; they can be opportunities in disguise. For instance, you may miss an appointment because of a massive traffic jam and end up at a café someplace where there is a school catalog on the table. You pick it up and it mentions a course that will help you develop a skill you need to reach your goal.

When you run into someone you haven’t seen in a while be proactive. Find out what that person has been doing lately. This may lead to a surprising opportunity for you to further your goal. Be sure to tell them what you’re doing, they may want to help you in some way.

41. Stay open and flexible: Sometimes you may develop a goal in one form and it may manifest itself in another form. Be open to receiving it in whatever form it shows up. For instance, you may have a goal to make $100,000 in the year 2002 and you expand your business, which helps you on your way. You may get the biggest contract you’ve ever gotten which nets you your money. Or you could get an inheritance from a relative or receive the money from an investment.

42. Allow your goals to evolve: Do you still want the goal in its present form: Has your situation changed? This is an important question to ask, pay attention to the answer you get from your intuition.

43. Here’s one way to tune in to your intuition: To get your creative juices really moving and to center yourself, try sitting and doing nothing except to look at a beautiful scene in a natural place, such as a park, for at least ˝ hour. This puts you into a relaxed, receptive state where you can receive information from your intuition. Be sure to keep your goals notebook handy to take notes on the ideas that will come to you from opening your mind. Turn off your cell phone to avoid distractions.

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