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What if you believed that everything in your life was a creation, or an outcome that you had actually envisioned?







Introduction to Goal Setting Tips


Introduction to Goal Setting Tips for Success in Life

What if you believed that everything in your life was a creation, or an outcome that you had actually envisioned? What if this result, your current reality, was the outcome of all the choices youíve made over the years of your life? What if many things you thought you did not choose actually were choices you made?

What if every single decision and action youíve taken up to this very moment was a direct result of your choices and your actions? Would you be proud of your creation? Would you be glad to call this life your own?

What if we told you that this is the way it is? You are the master/mistress of your fate, the captain of your ship. Do you feel your ship is rudderless? Or have you decided to take charge of your future and create a life you love to live? Imagine that this booklet was written just for you and we have provided the tools you need to start living the life of your dreams.

If youíre a goal-setting beginner, youíll find the basics for starting to fulfill your hearts desire. If youíre already happy with what youíve created, youíll find some advanced goal achievement concepts in this information packed report.

Goal setting should not mean a lot of work, it should mean enjoying yourself as you reach your dreams. If you find yourself faced with substantial resistance and negativity, look carefully to make sure that you really want the goal. Getting what you really want should create enthusiasm and energy.

In a classic study, goal setters were huge winners

Results from an often-quoted study done at Yale University placed goal setters firmly in the successful category when compared to non-goal-setters. The 3% of the participants who had written their goals with a plan and took consistent action were happier, more confident and better adjusted. They also earned more money over that 20-year period than the 97% of the other participants.

Will you die shortly after retirement?

Did you know that studies show that at retirement, if you donít have a purpose or vision for the rest of your life, you are more likely to experience illness or early death? Goal setters generally find their senior years becoming richer, with warmer relationships because they have a sense of direction in their lives.

And, itís never too late to start something new to get yourself inspired and moving. Remember that Grandma Moses started painting at the age of 70 and Colonel Sanders started his Kentucky Fried Chicken enterprise at the age of 65. We recently read about a 90 year old who was climbing to the top of famous mountains in various parts of the world!

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