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About Joel  and Teddi


Joel ...

For over 18 years, Joel has been involved with business development and sales to corporations and solution providers in the IT and IT professional services arena.  He has extensive knowledge and training in sales, peak performance, goal setting, marketing, health and nutrition. 

He has a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and certifications in computer networking from various professional schools.  His other interests include personal and professional growth, music, swimming, and martial arts (black belt).


Teddi has been an Internet business consultant, author and speaker for over 15 years.  For many years, she has looked for the most effective and powerful tools to help herself and others reach their goals of business success, financial abundance and health.

She is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and was an honors student in the MBA program at San Jose State University.  She has a number of professional certifications including NLP Practitioner and certified clinical hypnotherapist.

She has been interested in goal setting and personal achievement for over 15 years as well as psychology and alternative health.  Her hobbies include gardening, writing and reading.

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