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Another concept and practice to consider in setting a goal is forgiveness.







The Spiritual Teaching of Forgiveness for Goal Setting


The Spiritual Teaching of Forgiveness is a Key Goal Setting Concept

Another concept and practice to consider in setting a goal is forgiveness. Forgiveness actually is a releasing process that involves letting go of negative feelings and resentments you’re holding towards other people.

When you forgive others, you are actually helping yourself more than them. If you are able to let go of holding on to the negative thoughts and feelings you have about others, you become much lighter and freer with a lot more energy.

A friend says: “I worked on forgiving my mother for several years. I was able at some point, to see that her intentions were good, even though it seemed that she wasn’t as loving as I wished she would be, when I was young. After forgiving her, I found myself becoming much more compassionate not only towards her but also towards others and myself as well.”

“The process of releasing those negative feelings improved my personal and business relationships dramatically. I found that I had very little anger any more and that I could stay positive a lot more of the time. I try to make a regular practice of making lists of people I want to forgive and deciding to do so.” Many well-known success teachers and metaphysical teachers mention forgiveness as an important step in creating abundance and peace in your life.

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