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In order to make goal setting a pleasure instead of a pain, it helps to try taking some fun, outrageous risks.






Goal Setting Overview


Goal Setting:  How to Create a Life You Love to Live

Goal setting can be fun and easy. Does that statement sound shocking, are you used to setting goals and finding that doing the steps is like pulling teeth? Weíve tried to take this process and break it down into simple steps that anyone can take. In fact youíll find that writing any goals at all will give you some results.

In order to make goal setting a pleasure instead of a pain, it helps to try taking some fun outrageous risks. Break out of your comfort zone and use several of the goals techniques mentioned on this Web site. Youíll be surprised at the results youíll get with very little goal writing effort.

Goal setting should not mean hard work, it should mean enjoying yourself as you reach your vision. Getting what you really want should create enthusiasm and energy, not resistance and negativity.

If you find yourself faced with goal setting resistance, look carefully to make sure that you really want the goal. You also may need to work more on integrating your left and right brain hemispheres.

What you will find in Goal Setting Guide 77 Tips

We give you a number of suggestions here for proven goal setting techniques. Some of them will appeal to you, some wonít. Choose the goals ideas you like and try them for a few months.

If you get the results you want, keep using the goal setting ideas that work while trying a few additional suggestions just for fun. If you donít get the results you want, choose a few more of the ideas that you think might work and again try them out to see if you enjoy using them.

The main point here is that setting and reaching your goals should be empowering, it should make you feel good about yourself and your life. When goal setting work seems like drudgery, then probably something is wrong with the way youíre working or you may need to reevaluate your goals. Donít be intimidated by the fact that we offer you many options and choices of techniques. If you just write some goals down, make a poster, and visualize a bit you will get results!

Goal Setting and the Use of Deadline Dates

Should you use deadline dates in your goal setting efforts? Some people always put specific dates for the completion of each goal in their initial goals list. Some people adjust the dates as they make progress toward the goal. Others prefer to just put the goal on a list and leave the completion date open. This may be a matter of preference, find out which way works best for you.

One way to use the information on this site is to go over it repeatedly. There is a distilled collection of goal setting ideas here that can help you reach any reasonable goal that you can imagine. Itís important to review these techniques regularly because repetition leads to mastery. Also, you may forget a great technique, you can use this article as a reminder.

Here is the Goal Setting Guide Index with 77 Tips for Setting Goals


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