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Letting go of attachment can really change your life because often it's our addiction to a given result that pushes that result away!



Releasing Attachment to Results, a Spiritual Secret


Releasing attachment:
A little known secret of the greatest teachers

Releasing you attachment to a given outcome is an important technique for assuring results with your goal setting efforts. It has to do with knowing there are certain things you can't control and letting go of that "must have it feeling". How do you know when you’re attached to a goal you have set? If you find yourself obsessing about the goal as opposed to being enthused and enjoying thinking about it, you’re attached.

You’re attached  or addicted when you believe that in order to be happy, you must “have it” or you must “reach the goal”. Another sign or symptom of attachment is when you believe that you’ll have a strong negative feeling if your goal is not reached. When these signs appear, then it’s very important for you to practice releasing.

The technique is simple but not easy. You just decide to let go of your attachment to getting the goal in the form you think it should come in. In other words, make a decision that if for some reason the goal does not come to you as you wish, that you will still be happy with your life. Believe it or not, this is a very important part of the process of reaching a vision.

If you’re too attached, other people feel it and pull away from you instead of helping. When you’re enthusiastic and inspired, other people will be magnetically attracted to you and will help and support you. The process of letting go is one of the essential secrets of successful goal achievement.

Here's an example of letting go of 
attachment to every day being a great day.

A local Aikido teacher, who is an author and high ranking martial arts trainer says, “I would train with my teacher 6 days a week. Out of those six days of practice, two would be excellent, fulfilling and in the “zone”. Two days would be good and solid but not spectacular and two days would be only mediocre or just bearable”. Be aware of the rhythm of your life and flow with it instead of fighting it. On a slow day, be slow; on an active day, take lots of actions.

On one of these seemingly slow days, you may be going through an important inner change that isn’t visible on the outside. Let go of your judgments about your performance. Learn to tap into your inner guidance to help keep yourself on track. If you have a goal that requires practice, just do the practice no matter how you feel


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