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Here are some unusual examples of remarkable successes people have had using metaphysical goal setting techniques!



Metaphysical Goal Setting Techniques


Amazing Examples of Success with
Metaphysical Goal Setting Techniques

 A woman in a well-known success teacher’s seminar set a goal at the time of the seminar to make over $100,000 in seven weeks. In the past she had never made over $30,000 in one year. She had no particular plan to create the money but she was extremely committed and acted “as if” she had won. Of course she also bought lottery tickets regularly. Within 6 ˝ weeks she won a lottery of $100,000. She created another goal 6 months later that she would manifest $150,000 within the next 6 months. And in 6 months, she won a $200,000 lottery.

If you really believe that something is already here,
it will manifest in your life.

A further development in this story occurred later when the teacher shared this information with people in another one of his workshops. A couple who attended had set a goal of creating $1,000,000. They wrote down their goal and took action (buying lottery tickets) and they were so strongly committed and made the goal so real in their lives that they acted and felt as if they already had the money. They also told everyone they knew that they had already won and on the third time they purchased a lottery ticket, they won $1,000,000.

The point of sharing these stories is to emphasize the fact that if you really believe that something is already here, it will manifest in your life. Our intention is not to encourage you to play the lottery!

Envision what you want and
continue taking actions toward getting that goal

A woman we know from another workshop set a goal to own a house within one year. At the time she had no job, no credit, and no way that she could see to buy a house. Within a few months a neighbor died and left her a house. She used the following techniques to manifest these remarkable results: She created a poster, acted as if, told others, wrote it down and took action (her actions were preparing a space). She never could have planned this outcome, all she could do was envision having what she wanted and continue to take actions toward getting that goal.

A metaphysically oriented Unity Minister wanted to create the relationship of her dreams. She spent lots of time writing out exactly what she wanted in great detail.

She never let go of her vision (visualization) and did not stop taking the actions required. Within one year she met the man of her dreams. He was almost exactly like the person she had described in her journal (writing it down). They were married about six months later and have been happily together for over 10 years.

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