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Where Did all the Goal Setting and Achievement Tips on this Site Come from?


We have been using various goal setting techniques for a combined total of 33 years (Joel 18 and Teddi 15).  And...we have tried every single idea you will find here.  The only techniques you'll find on this web site are the ones that have really worked for us and for people we know of.  We've collected all this information from books, workshops, personal experience and friends as well as coming up with our own ideas.

Over the years, we have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours studying and testing ideas and techniques from the most innovative and well-known peak performance teachers.  These include, Tony Robbins (a very well-known peak performance expert and success trainer), Mark Victor Hansen (author of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series of books), Brian Tracey (a personal and corporate success expert), Denis Waitley (consultant to Olympic athletes and success coach), Tom Hopkins (a master sales trainer) and many others. 

We have read the books, attended the workshops and trainings, then tested the ideas to see if they really work!

In addition to all that, we have tested many of our own ideas.  This has allowed us to give you the best, most cutting edge help that you can get for realizing your dreams.

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